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Making Pour Over Coffee

How to brew the best coffee is a question that really has no definitive answer but lots of experts weighing in with their opinions. From my point of view, it is not about what is the best method, it is more about how to do each method correctly. It would be like asking a wine maker which barrel is the best to use to make wine. Which country does the oak come from and which forest? What is the technique of the cooper that makes the barrel and what is the toast level of the barrel? What variety of grape is being made into wine? Finally does the wine maker like new barrels that impart a strong taste of oak (different from each region and forest and different with toast level and cooper techniques)? Or is only some new oak used in the wine making strategy? Within is those choices are the best way to deploy the choices made which is the way I look at how to make coffee using different brewing methods. Choice is good and one of the best spices of life.

Ok, with all of that settled let’s consider pour over coffee brewing. Like the French press, I love the simplicity and routine of pour over brewing that engages the human factor in the procedure that influences the outcome. This encourages your tweaking and refinement, that works its way to a ritual, that can give you a few more moments of life in the “zone”; your own Zen and the art of pour over coffee.

The four videos below are a good way to start the pour over journey or provide consideration for refining your current technique. Either you will find one that particularly appeals to you or you will borrow a bit of suggestion from all of them and blend the ideas into your own pour over ritual. Pour over is not for everyone and there is still nothing wrong with setting your machine to grind and brew so your coffee is ready when you wake up. But, in a tech-almost-every-moment world, I love to start my day with low tech/no tech rituals. Aloha!

Pour-Over Brewing Technique

Yes, another one. After all the pour-over coffee brewing videos we realized we didn’t have one with a singular good pour technique. As far as Hario v60 brewing videos, there are better and more precise ones than this on youtube – but this shows a rea…

How To Make Pour-Over Coffee with a Hario Dripper

Will shows you how to use the Hario Buono Drip Kettle and Coffee Dripper. www.tested.com

How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Try the pour-over method to keep your brewing as simple as this classic, yummy morning jump-start.

60-Second Video Tips: How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Coffee nerds can get a perfect cup of joe by using the pour-over method for brewing coffee, because one can precisely control water temperature and extraction time. It’s easy enough for anyone to do, and Dan Souza shows exactly how it’s done. Watch m…

How To Make Pour-Over Coffee with a Hario Dripper

Will shows you how to use the Hario Buono Drip Kettle and Coffee Dripper. www.tested.com


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