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Archive for the ‘Where To Eat in Hawaii’ Category

Great Ramen Shops In Honolulu

I will admit ramen is a food group for me. Lots of opinions on whose Ramen is best. Kind of like who makes the best chicken soup, Auntie Lori or Grandma Ruth? But at the end of the day, finding good ramen is a grand adventure and lifetime pursuit. Whenever I go to Tokyo I…Read More read more

Lucky Belly In Chinatown

Check out the Lucky Belly in China town for some crazy good food. Grind Time – Lucky Belly opens in Chinatown – Honolulu, Hawaii Calendar of Events – Hawaii … http://www.honolulupulse.com/15h ago When Downbeat Diner opened on Hotel Street in February 2011, it provided a highly visible option for post-club grub within stumbling distance from…Read More read more

KCC Farmers’ Market

So popular it is hard to always get the things you want, the KCC Farmers’s market made its Tuesday debut. My first stop is always for pineapple sausage and my last stop is for salmon kama. All kine good grinds now two days a week. KCC Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays – KHON2 news.google.com KCC Farmers’…Read More read more

Local Ono – Good Eats In Honolulu

When I first moved to Honolulu I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the choice and variety of food that is available at many different kinds of restaurants. I definitely had no interest in the national chains, regardless of how many visitors to Honolulu swear by the Cheesecake Factory on Kalakaua Avenue. I was laser focused on…Read More read more

Ramen Ya Noodle Shop

So much good ramen but so little time. Can’t go wrong with Ramen Ya. Check out the new location in Hawaii Kai Towne Center. Essential Eating! Ramen Ya-Hawaii Kai

Ono Grindz – Vegas style

It looks like all of the gambling trips from Hawaii to Las Vegas have given the city an appreciation of local grindz.  I did know they called Vegas the 9th island but I didn’t know there were so many places to eat Hawaiian style.  A recent article I read put me straight on that and…Read More read more

Ever Try Pineapple Sausage from Kukui Sausage Co.?

I’m no expert on gluten free food and wonderfully I can eat most anything and do. But it was interesting to know that Pineapple Sausage from Kukui Sausage Co., my Saturday morning go-to food at the KCC Farmers Market is gluten free. Who knew? Now I can take home and serve guilt free to a…Read More read more

I really miss my Nakamura Ramen’s oxtail ramen!

I’m such a creature of habit and convenience. So whenever I get a craving for Ramen, which is usually spur of the moment and by the time I am very hungry, I end up going very nearby to Tenkaippin on Kapahulu. I went on-line the other day to see if any new ramen shops had…Read More read more

Hawaii Hotspots Get Mentioned in Forbes Magazine

I ate dinner at Japengo Restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki last night, so this article from Forbes Magazine caught my eye.  They mention that Japengo is actually an offshoot of a popular San Diego restaurant – I had no idea… I love the interior decor of the Waikiki Japengo restaurant.  It has a long…Read More read more

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