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Archive for the ‘Hawaii Coffee News’ Category

Support Bill 79 – Protect Hawaii Coffee

The board of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association unanimously voted June 18 to adopt and support Hawaii County Bill 79 to prohibit GMOs on the island. “Bill 79 will ensure the most protection possible for our heritage crop, 100 percent Kona coffee,” said President Cecelia Smith. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association endorses the Hawaii County…Read More read more

Why Is Hawaiian Coffee So Expensive

This is a great article that addresses a question we hear often and clearly explains the environment and grower economics that make 100% Hawaiian grown coffee more expensive the coffee grown in other regions.   Why is kona hawaiian coffee so damn expensive? Q : A : A 2011 glance at Kona coffee retail prices shows…Read More read more

More New About Hawaii Coffee Labeling

The latest news on the ongoing coffee labeling issue comes from an agreement Safeway stores recently made. It’s good to see people not letting the issue die. Protecting the unique brand of Hawaii Coffee is important to both the Hawaii coffee industry as well as consumers who could be misled. Safeway settles Kona coffee mislabeling…Read More read more

The 2nd Art of Hawaiian Coffee Event

We can’t wait for the second Art Of Hawaiian Coffee event August 21 – 26, 2012! The second Art of Hawaiian Coffee event presented by DFS Galleria Waikiki will showcase Hawaii coffee growers and their specialty coffees. This popular event will provide Hawaiian coffee-related activities, free samplings, children’s activities, an exhibition on the Hawaii Coffee…Read More read more

Kona Coffee is One-of-a-Kind and Deserves Distinction

Once you taste coffee that is 100% Kona or 100% Hawaiian, you’ll realize you found the Champagne of coffees. There is nothing like the climate and soil in Hawaii where this coffee grows. The sun, the humidity, the rainfall, the minerals in the soil – it all adds to the taste of the coffee grown…Read More read more

Ka`u Coffee Fest Next Two Weekends

The district of Ka`u on the Island of Hawai`i is the largest agricultural district in the state. Their annual coffee fest is coming up on two weekends, May 5/6 and May 12/13. There will be dozens of businesses with food and drink for sale and sample. There will also be receipe contests and a baristas…Read More read more

Is Your Kona Coffee Really From Hawaii?

I saw an interesting story on the local news about Kona and Hawaii coffee. Most people may not know it, but there are no restrictions on people using the Kona Coffee or Hawaii Coffee name on their coffee brands. From the KITV new report below, they say that most Hawaii coffee companies label their bags…Read More read more

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