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Tropical Storm Flossie

Ready or not, here she comes!  Not sure how this will effect the coffee crop.  Sending our aloha to everyone on all the Islands of Hawaii.

Support Bill 79 – Protect Hawaii Coffee

The board of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association unanimously voted June 18 to adopt and support Hawaii County Bill 79 to prohibit GMOs on the island. “Bill 79 will ensure the most protection possible for our heritage crop, 100 percent Kona coffee,” said President Cecelia Smith. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association endorses the Hawaii County…Read More read more

Cool Blue Raman

Perfect for summer, Lina Blue Cooled Ramen is high in anti-oxidents with all the fun of a blue popsicle.       On 18 July, a ramen shop in Nipponbashi, Tokyo called Bee Hive Genki no Moto had introduced a novel chilled ramen that’s equally cooling to the eyes, ears, and stomach – perhaps even the life….Read More read more

Coffee & Mental Performance

If coffee helps you to boot up your brain in the morning or throughout the day, you are not alone. Mental performance Summary There is convincing evidence that moderate caffeine intake helps to improve alertness and concentration. A 75mg serving of caffeine – the amount found in approximately one regular cup of coffee – leads…Read More read more

Coffee & Sports Performance

It may just be the caffeine that helps sports performance, but coffee is a great and very enjoyable delivery system. Sports performance Caffeine and performance in endurance (aerobic) exercise Caffeine has been shown to improve performance in individuals taking part in endurance-type, aerobic exercise. Caffeine linked to faster times in endurance races A recent review…Read More read more

Solar Powered Schools – Hawaii

Here’s some good news, twenty-four Hawaiian schools go solar! Blue Earth announces agreements with National Energy Partners to build 4 MW in Hawaii   USA: Blue Earth Inc., a renewable energy and energy efficiency services company, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Xnergy Inc. signed two agreements totaling approximately 4 megawatts with National Energy Partners,…Read More read more

Interesting Coffee Facts

  Courtesy of data from the International Coffee Organization, the folks over at FinancesOnline.com have put up a slick infographic with a bounty of interesting facts and figures about the coffee industry. The infographic details everything from the role of “coffee coyotes” — middlemen who force farmers to sell coffee at a loss, then sell the product…Read More read more

Five Best Coffee Makers

Great link to some top options for coffee makers with good visuals. Five Best Coffee Makers Whether you do drip, French press, AeroPress, pour-over, percolator, or use a pod brewer, there are seriously more ways to make a good cup of coffee than we could ever highlight. Still, some methods are better than others, and…Read More read more

Coffee Drink Names

With coffee, the same says so much.   The Names of Different Coffee Drinks IN: INDEX 9May2013 The basic European recipe uses espresso served with sweetened condensed milk in a 1 to 1 ratio. In America, the Caffe Latte is a portion of espresso and steamed milk, generally in a 2 to 1 ratio of milk…Read More read more

Why Is Hawaiian Coffee So Expensive

This is a great article that addresses a question we hear often and clearly explains the environment and grower economics that make 100% Hawaiian grown coffee more expensive the coffee grown in other regions.   Why is kona hawaiian coffee so damn expensive? Q : A : A 2011 glance at Kona coffee retail prices shows…Read More read more

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