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Archive for April, 2012

Ka`u Coffee Fest Next Two Weekends

The district of Ka`u on the Island of Hawai`i is the largest agricultural district in the state. Their annual coffee fest is coming up on two weekends, May 5/6 and May 12/13. There will be dozens of businesses with food and drink for sale and sample. There will also be receipe contests and a baristas…Read More read more

Lose Your Phone? It’s Probably in a Coffee Shop…

Attention coffee lovers! Statistically, the most likely place to lose your phone is in a coffee shop, according to a new study from mobile security firm, Lookout. Interestingly, the second most likely place is the bar. I would have guessed the other way around, since coffee stimulates the brain… Interesting article goes into the statistics…Read More read more

Making Pour Over Coffee

How to brew the best coffee is a question that really has no definitive answer but lots of experts weighing in with their opinions. From my point of view, it is not about what is the best method, it is more about how to do each method correctly. It would be like asking a wine…Read More read more

How a Bodum Vacuum Coffee Press Works

Japanese have had their Hario vacuum coffee press for years. It’s fun to watch and makes a great cup of coffee. I see Bodum has their own model and here’s a video showing just how it works. Even though the water is boiling when it siphons up the tube into the coffee, the coffee doesn’t…Read More read more

Art of Growing & Making Coffee

This is an interesting article underscoring how our increasing understanding of coffee and coffee drinking cultures has yielded preferences and choices most of us did not consider only a few short years ago. For example, there is a growing interest in single origin coffees that often have a very focused and forward character when not…Read More read more

Advanced French Press Coffee Technique

The French Press or Press Pot is one of my favorite ways to brew coffee.   At first I was a bit intimidated by the system and assumed it was more difficult to do on a regular basis than it really is.  Because of my uncertainties, I continued to use a high-end drip coffee maker…Read More read more

Hokule`a -`Ohana Wa`a

I continue to be drawn to the on-going story of the Hokule`a, including the bravery of the legendary Eddie Aikau. But the story of Hokule`a, the people who visioned her, sailed her and have sustained the vision is a layer of stories within the story, starting with the original Polynesian voyagers. A recent article in…Read More read more

Kona History

This is a great video on the history of the Kona region that also speaks to the history of Kona coffee. Kona History: I love history because it tells me so much about the present through a lens from the past. The history of Hawai`i is especially captivating because of all that has taken place…Read More read more

Top Five Coffee Drinks.

We love Hapa Hale coffee just as it is, every day and all through the day. But, if black coffee was the only coffee everyone was drinking, not too many of us would spend as much time as we do in coffee shops. Still, the combinations and options do seem daunting at times and when…Read More read more

Coffee Explained (Useful Coffee Infographic)

Heading over to the coffee shop?  You’ll want to see this first…  This interesting infographic shows the different types of coffee drinks and what each one contains.  Unless you’re a barista, you’ll probably learn something from this graphic. For example, many people will not know what a “Flat White” is or what a “Cafe Breve”…Read More read more

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