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Archive for February, 2012

Peter Apo’s Music Goes Great With Hapa Hale Coffee

We heard today from one of our Hapa Hale `Ohana, Peter Apo.  We are honored that Peter intends to produce a Hapa Hale Coffee Co., Anthology CD of his music that will be available in our store.  This is  just the beginning of Hapa Hale’s link to Hawaiian music.  We hope that Peter will contribute…Read More read more

Ever Try Pineapple Sausage from Kukui Sausage Co.?

I’m no expert on gluten free food and wonderfully I can eat most anything and do. But it was interesting to know that Pineapple Sausage from Kukui Sausage Co., my Saturday morning go-to food at the KCC Farmers Market is gluten free. Who knew? Now I can take home and serve guilt free to a…Read More read more

I really miss my Nakamura Ramen’s oxtail ramen!

I’m such a creature of habit and convenience. So whenever I get a craving for Ramen, which is usually spur of the moment and by the time I am very hungry, I end up going very nearby to Tenkaippin on Kapahulu. I went on-line the other day to see if any new ramen shops had…Read More read more

Hawaii Hotspots Get Mentioned in Forbes Magazine

I ate dinner at Japengo Restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki last night, so this article from Forbes Magazine caught my eye.  They mention that Japengo is actually an offshoot of a popular San Diego restaurant – I had no idea… I love the interior decor of the Waikiki Japengo restaurant.  It has a long…Read More read more

The New Jetlev – I Just Have to Try It!

Not sure if I have the cajones to try this, but it looks like a blast – literally.  It’s basically a jet pack like the ones we’ve all seen on the Jetson’s and 1950′s Dept of Defense experimental aircraft videos, but this jet pack is powered by water. They basically take a jet ski and…Read More read more

Is Your Kona Coffee Really From Hawaii?

I saw an interesting story on the local news about Kona and Hawaii coffee. Most people may not know it, but there are no restrictions on people using the Kona Coffee or Hawaii Coffee name on their coffee brands. From the KITV new report below, they say that most Hawaii coffee companies label their bags…Read More read more

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